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Analysis And Performance Tracking In Dedicated Cricket Apps

The sports industry has been using the technique of data analytics for the past few years extensively because it is very useful in giving a breakdown of the information in several formats. Criclytics is the term coined for the analytics of the professional cricket game, and using this technology to track players’ performance is something on which experts rely heavily. A useful analytical interface and graphical representation help them compare and do more with that information. These statistics are helpful for the data experts and help teams to quantify the performances.

The game of cricket has garnered a lot of attention and support from all over the world, and fans enjoy this match from the bottom of their heart. So, when it comes to comprehending the strategies and analyzing the past performances of different teams, fans also wanted their hold on this aspect of the sport. It was at this point that the concept of a cricket game app like Cricviz and Profielder was introduced to bridge the gap between technical and general understanding of the game. Let’s see how these apps have contributed in terms of features, and by using them, virtual players are gaining a competitive edge.

  • These apps take into account every minor incident of the cricket league match that could alter the final score, such as a run saved, a catch missed, a misfield or a missed run, etc. The entire evaluation is registered in the database, and a plus or minus value is assigned according to the collective impact.
  • They have a specific leaderboard for the fielding events to determine whether it was a success or a failure, and credentials are assigned to the players on every run they miss or save.
  • Some of these applications have a unique approach to representing the fielding analysis; they capture data and insights which are not available to the general viewers of real cricket. It records the series of moments from the ball hitting the bat, the positioning of the fielder, and the move of the fielder in stopping or missing the ball. The accuracy of the throw is monitored,, and the background algorithm calculates the throw’s rate and quality.
  • The apps give an accurate insight into which position the fielder is more effective in and which position might lead to poor fielding.
  • Some apps focus more on quantifying the basic fielding data, while others act as expert analysts in providing in-depth analysis and insights. Anyhow, the overall goal of these apps is to provide a holistic approach to cricket analysis.

No wonder the game of cricket has embraced several aspects of technological advancement like never before; the way these apps have redefined and revolutionized the process of analysis has changed the way fans enjoy and indulge in cricket-playing apps. Even organizations like ICC have identified the strength of digital integration in the sports industry and are consistently adapting and evolving to fit into the changing dynamics.

This is probably the best time for app developers and marketers to come up with innovative solutions for sports enthusiasts and data scientists so that they can derive data from equipping broadcasters, fans, and players with ample background information to formulate strategies and make informed decisions.




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