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How do you get free coins on FIFA 20?

This is not surprising that coins are essential when it comes to playing FIFA. The most awaited FIFA 20 has been announced by EA sports and there are hundreds of thousands of players out there that want to jump straight to the Ultimate team. Playing FIFA can be both hard and fun. However, you will require certain rewards to build up a new team.

If you have been playing such games, you might know about the rules. Otherwise, you need to know some tips to get extra coins to improve your team. No matter who you are and how many years are you invested in this game, read on to know how to get FIFA 20 coins fast.

Having coins in this game seems to be the never-ending cycle as you need to play a series of the game based on the number of coins you are having. More the coins, the less time it takes to build up an ultimate coin. This is why it becomes next to impossible for others to break the ultimate teams.

Why FIFA 20 coins?

Whether you are trading FUT items or buying packs in the game store, coins are essential. Without enough coins, you can do nothing in the store. The FUT items that you purchase in the store can help you a lot while fighting with other teams. This way, you can enhance your teammates as well.

So, you can keep playing the game as long as you have enough coins. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to survive in FIFA 20. Moreover, Coins acts as a virtual currency with which you can enter some game modes.

What Do You Need the FIFA Coins for?

If you got FUT 19 offers such as FIFA19 coins, you cannot use it for the next year. Unfortunately, FIFA19 progress and coins will not be carried over to FIFA 20. Rather, you may get some interesting rewards in the upcoming FIFA 20 Ultimate game.

How to Earn Coins in FIFA 20?

Users can try the following methods to get coins.

  • Playing some FUT matches
  • Selling FIFA coins
  • Buying FIFA coins
  • Transferring FIFA coins
  • Selling items through quick sell section
  • Trading items on the transfer market.
  • Using reliable FIFA coins generator

If you are still with me, let’s know about those in detail.

FIFA Coins Value and Rate

We cannot estimate the real amount of FIFA coins with our currency. However, one FIFA coin is estimated at around 0.0002 dollars. So, you will get nearly 5000 FIFA coins for 1 dollar. As per the rules of EA, buying and selling coins are considered illegal. So, you will run the risk of firing from the game if they spot when you buy coins from third party vendors.

  • Squad Battles

Squad battles are specially designed for those who are feeling alone. Instead of chatting with strangers, you can play with your computer and get coins every day. Moreover, playing squad battles is one more important way to get free coins easily. sometimes, it becomes hard to play especially when you are a beginner. Over time, things will go easier.

·         FUT Champions Cup

FUT champions cup is yet another way to get free coins. Playing this mode can be time-consuming. You need to spend a lot of time running this mode. Once you entered the advanced mode, you can easily catch other players and fight for your team. Well, you should possess some extra coins to invest in player contracts.

 So, make sure that you have coins to play FUT champions cup to earn free coins. For competitive individuals, the FUT champions cup is the ideal choice. If you find yourself not enthusiastic, we recommend you to stick to the squad battles.

·         Division Rivals

Division Rivals let you choose the one that best suits their needs. Which one would you prefer- coins or packs? We highly recommend you to choose the coins as you know how essential it is to play the entire game with coins. The more coins you have, the less difficulty you face to win the game. On the other hand, FUT items are mostly useless and not worth at all. Packs are fine for some average players.

·         Trading

As per the rules of EA, trading can never be the legitimate ways of earning free coins. Although trading is an effective option, it is considered illegal by EA. Many players tried trading method to get coins till FIFA 15. Some players got their FIFA account banned after engaged in trading.

So, if you either selling or buying coins for real money, you will run the risk of getting your account dissolved. Besides, there are a lot of auto buyers are arrived for this game and FUT price goes high. So, it is up to you to choose this option.

The complexity of trading differs based on how much time you can spend and how likely you are approaching the risk.

·         FIFA 20 hack

Hacking is not just limited to social media; it is also available for users to get free FIFA 20 coins. There are a lot of FIFA 20-coin generators that are upcoming in the market. Choose a reliable coin generator that is compatible with all devices.

It should work well with android devices, Xbox, PC, laptop, PlayStation, workstation, etc. some site enables the users to download the hack option, while advanced sites let you run the auto coin generator online. Hack tools are also available to get free points.

Don’t Buy gold Packs with Coins

Some players prefer buying gold packs with FIFA coins. But this is strictly not recommended. They are doing so because keeping the coin value at a high rate is important for them. Moreover, it is not a legit way to spare coins with packs

FIFA 20 is an amazing game for everyone to play. No matter how many years you are playing this game, you can keep running the game as long as you have reliable FIFA coins with you. So, try the legit ways to earn free coins.

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