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Online gambling: “An addiction close to drugs.”

There are two-player profiles. First of all, the impulsive: these are often young men who are looking for thrills, challenge, transgression. Rather, they play poker or sports and horse racing at DPBOSS because they feel they have some control over what is going on.

The other group is made up of people who use the game to forget their difficulties: unemployment, illness, depression, anxiety. They play DBPOSS Satta to be stupid. They choose online slot machines, which are prohibited, and other games of chance.

How to treat a person addicted to online gambling?

Patients who come to consult doctors already know what illness they are suffering from. They have been lying to themselves for months, even years. They often postponed the time to talk about their difficulties because they were convinced that they could do it again the next time. When they finally call on outside help, it is because they realize that they are in a dead-end, isolated, depressed. Often, they have gone into debt, and their relatives have raised the alarm, the spouse may have threatened to divorce. It is a pattern fairly close to an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The care offered to them is close to that reserved for drug addicts. It is based first of all on psychotherapy so that the patient becomes aware of the intimate reasons which pushed him to play. More practically, it also makes it possible to identify the instigating moments of impulses, to learn to cross the periods of envy and to reduce them.

The mere fact of being able to talk about the problem of dependence on a third party brings them relief in itself because they are people who have been isolated for months. Doctors can also offer medication, especially if a person suffers from depression. Finally, they hope to soon be able to test addiction drugs that are currently being tested for cocaine addicts.

How has the advent of gambling been a game-changer?

A study shows that: for the same game, the online version is more addictive than the hard game. According to this work, there are 17% of problematic cases among online players, against only 1.3% in the general population. Online gaming has the specificity that it is accessible 24 hours a day, anywhere, using laptops, tablets, and computers. Other advantages: the player is freed from social control and can play while smoking or drinking, which is less and less possible outside.

Online games were launched – legally – in 2010, although it is known that the public was already using illegal versions.

Conclusion: The number of people playing online remains relatively low for the time being: only 3.7% of those questioned for the study had played online in the past year, compared with almost 50% for games hard. However, they are more likely to be fairly qualified people who spend a lot of time in front of their computers and are well equipped. If access to the Internet is democratized, we can imagine that we are still far from having reached a ceiling.

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