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The Mysterious Figure Behind Valorant: Theories on the Identity of Brimstone

One of the most intriguing Valorant personalities is Brimstone. He’s a muscle-bound hulk with a firm, square jaw that hints at his ruthless determination to be the best soldier in the game. But what many gamers would like to know is what has made Brimstone into such a formidable character?

American Hero

Brimstone has a fairly mundane back story. He was raised as Liam Byrne in Baltimore in the state of Maryland on the east coast of America. As a child, Byrne loved baseball and had close friends. He graduated from high school, joined the fire service, and endured a spell in the US army. In every role he excelled at leadership, guiding his team with care and loyalty. It has been noted that he always takes great pains to ensure everyone has the best equipment and resources. Brimstone’s presented as a guy who really is concerned for other people’s welfare. So what turned him into a ruthless killer for the Valorant Protocol?

How Brimstone Joined the Protocol

There have been theories circulating on what prompted Brimstone to become a Valorant agent. Was it a sense of loyalty, reminiscent of his army days? With Earth constantly under threat from Mirror Earth, it’s easy to understand why he could be motivated to defend his homeland to the bitter end. A plausible explanation could be the way the death of his childhood friend, Tariq Porter, affected him. It was witnessing Tariq’s death that probably encouraged Brimstone to join the Protocol. Apart from these clues, there is very little information to tell a Valorant player who Brimstone really is.

Reliable Mentor

Brimstone is an ancient name for sulfur and is often referred to in the Bible as representing the Wrath of God. Valorant’s Brimstone is arguably the oldest agent on the cast list. As a veteran, he is often in the role of mentor to younger, less experienced agents. For instance, Killjoy is particularly close to Brimstone, regarding him as a type of father figure. Brimstone frequently calls other agents ‘kids’, highlighting the difference in ages between them. Any Valorant agent who is unsure of what to do next can always rely on receiving words of wisdom and encouragement from Brimstone. However, it’s the caring side of Brimstone’s personality that makes him see the good in everyone, even the enemy Kingdom.

Obscure Vulnerability

Newcomers to Valorant usually find Brimstone relatively easy to control. However, there often appears to be a vulnerability about Brimstone’s personality. Perhaps it stems from the death of his friend, yet it strangely increases his determination. Regardless of the danger, he always strives to bring a mission through to its conclusion. Players can guess what makes Brimstone who he is today, but will they ever learn the real truth? Check out the 1337pro list of Valorant tournaments to see Brimstone in action.

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