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Top favourites for the Premier League title

In some competitions, there are teams that are destined to win their league. France has PSG, Italy has Juventus, the Netherlands have Ajax, etc. They might not win every year, but their competitions don’t have nearly as much competition as the Premier League have. In this blog, we’ll highlight some clubs that we think might win the Premier League this year!

Manchester City

The winners of last years’ Premier League title seem to be top favourites for this season as well. They’ve got some serious squad depth, as well as a master tactician in Pep Guardiola. However, there is one thing that could be an issue: the Champions League. A lot of Manchester City supporters would like their club to win the Champions League. If they focus on the Champions League instead of the Premier League, we could see someone else take that title instead.


Chelsea surprised us all by beating Manchester City in the Champions League final last year. This year, they’re looking even stronger than they did last year. With Lukaku, Chelsea have found themselves the striker they’ve been looking for, for quite a while now. If Ziyech finds his Ajax-form, and Tuchel manages to keep on defending like he did last year, we could definitely see Chelsea challenging City for the title.


Liverpool convincingly won the Premier League two seasons ago, but had a weaker season last year. However, this year they seem to be back as strong as they were. The main difference between this season and last years’ is that Virgil van Dijk is back. His presence means a lot for the whole Liverpool squad, as the true captain he is. Liverpool are able to beat any team in the league, and are unstoppable on a good day. Because of this, we could see them winning the league.

Manchester United

Manchester United might seem as less of a favourite compared to other three mentioned, however they have one thing that the other don’t: Cristiano Ronaldo. Combine this with a very good squad in general, and we could see Manchester United taking the league. If his winning mentality shines on talents such as Greenwood and Rashford, who knows what can happen?

Sports betting

Do you think it’ll be one of the clubs mentioned? Or do you think we’ll have a surprise winner this year, like Leicester, or Tottenham Hotspur? If you’re certain about your winner, it is a possibility to place a bet on it. The way we recommend you to do is, is by using an application with a Premier League API by Sportmonks, like for example Betting Kick. These applications are always up-to-date with the right information, which you will need to place the perfect bet.

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