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What city in the world has the best escape room games?

If you thirst for adventure and are always drawn towards the world of mystery, magic, and fantasy, escape rooms are the perfect destination for you. This scintillating experience is not just thrilling but is almost like a mental workout. If you are tired of your mundane life, then it is time to lock yourself up in an escape room!

Escape rooms bring forth exciting puzzles for you to solve within a set time limit. The spooky atmosphere, the adrenaline rush, and the cathartic feeling after solving a crime or puzzle would be an unforgettable experience. So, if you believe that there is a crime solver within you waiting to come out, then this is your chance. Grab your tickets, play, and find out!

California, United States, witnessed its first escape room in the year 2012. People were too fascinated by this novel game established by SCRAP entertainment. Soon, the idea of escape rooms spread far and wide. Several other companies designed their unique escape rooms.

Palm Springs, California, has several award-winning escape rooms which provide exhilarating experiences to the players. This one-of-a-kind game is a must-try.

So, if you are pondering about fun things to do in Palm Springs during your weekend, you are at the right place.

And if you want an escape from your ordinary life, we have got you covered too. We prepared a Palm Springs to do list for you!

One of the best escape rooms to visit in Palm Springs is mentioned below:

Escape Room Palm Springs:

Escape Rooms Palm Springs provides you with the adventure of a lifetime, filled with exciting mysteries and puzzles. It is a great way to put the detective in you to life by solving these spine-chilling crimes/mysteries. It is an effective means for players to build team spirit and bond while also thinking outside the box.

Their six award-winning escape room games are open to all who are in for a mental boost. They have made the games accessible even to people with disabilities. At an affordable price, your team can experience this scintillating 60 min journey.

Confirm your bookings today and buckle-up for a thrilling weekend!

  1. Locker Room

Trapped in an abandoned locker room, the players have 60 mins to survive against a serial killer and get out of there, alive. And if fate allows, help rescue a few trapped prisoners too.

  1. Bank Heist

Players must sneak past the bank’s high-tech security and hack into their computer. And find a way to break into the vault. The task here is to loot the bank before the police come and ruins the fun!

  1. Jack the Ripper

Players are transported to the slums of Victorian London, where they help Scotland yard solve Jack the Ripper murders. It will be a strenuous task as the team must be careful not to become Jack’s next prey while hunting him down!

4.Vampire’s Lair

Get ready to be transported into the world of witchcraft and curses. A whole new realm opens here. The mission here is to break the witch’s curses on her lover and help him out of his coffin.

  1. 5. Merlin’s Magic School

Are you one of those who was fascinated by magic spells and magic books as a child?

If yes, then it is time to find Merlin’s magic book and free her magic school from a terrible curse.

  1. Titanic room

 After realizing that the mighty ship Titanic is sinking, players have a chance to save themselves. They must find the key to a lifeboat from Captain Smith’s cabin. Meanwhile, also uncovering other secrets.

What do you learn from this amazing experience?

  • It improves listening and communication skills.
  • It strengthens your ability to concentrate on tiny details strengthens.
  • Working under all the chaos and following a deadline helps individuals become more disciplined.
  • Players will learn to overcome personality differences which strengthens their bond.
  • It improves players’ ability to implement strategic approaches to solve mysteries.
  • Each player will experience something they shall cherish forever.

Main highlight:

People with physical disabilities, say a person in a wheelchair, is also free to play at Palm Springs escape rooms. The facilities are designed to accommodate anyone who wishes to have fun despite age or fitness level. The players simply need to show up and slay the day.

Escape Room Palm Springs Coronavirus Policy

Escape Rooms Palm Springs ensures all the precautionary measures, safety being the topmost priority. Another reason why it is among the safe yet overwhelmingly fun things to do in Palm Springs.

Listed down below are some of the significant precautionary measures:

  • Customers will be asked to wear masks when they enter the building.
  • Customers will be asked to wait in a socially distanced waiting area.
  • Waivers will be filled out on customer phones.
  • Customers can leave items in their vehicles or take them into the room.
  • The Game Master (GM) will distribute gloves and escort players to the game room.
  • At the end of the game, GM will provide a trash can for gloves.
  • Pictures can be taken outside but without signs and props.
  • GM has to reset and disinfect the game props while wearing gloves and wash hands afterward.
  • Social distancing markings are added to the floor by bathrooms.
  • Boogie boards pre-sanitized and kept in the room before the game.
  • Costumes and live actors have been removed from games.


Playing adventure games in escape rooms is one of the most fun things to do in Palm Springs. If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, then Escape Rooms Palm Springs provide the most thrilling escape room games to you.

They are well known for their award-winning escape room games. If you want to dive into a world of witches, serial killers and go searching for magical spells, escape rooms are the perfect destination.

So, what are you waiting for? If mystery and adventure are what you are looking for, then you are the right door. Go book your tickets and have fun solving puzzles.

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