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What Are The Best Rolls That You Can Choose In LOL Games?

In the League of Legions terminology, “roles” flatly refers to the lanes where you are going to play. Many gamers choose 1-2 roles simultaneously. This, they believe, would help them to get the desired rank faster and more efficiently. This can somewhat be true. However, it always makes better sense to familiarize yourself with all the roles available. The more in-depth your knowledge of the positions is, the abler you are to combat.

Here are the takeaways on the three most popular rolls in the world of the League of Legions.


Many online sites offering coaching on roll substitute ( 대리) find this role particularly interesting. Laners, who is Top, can typically be tanks or bruisers. They offer all the support that their damage dealers suffer from. Tops can even inflict damage on their own.

As a result, your responsibilities might include:

  • Offering crowd control to your team during team fights.
  • Shield the carries by taking enemy aggro.
  • Keeping pressure on the out lanes before the team fights begin.
  • Farming up for gold.

You can choose this Role when:

  • You prefer more healthy bursts or dislike low-health playing styles.
  • Prefer a rather passive gameplay.
  • Have some experience in farming minion.
  • Love taking front during a fight, or wish to initiate fights.
  • Want to work as a true team to see the best outcome in any situation. 


Justifying the name, they mostly stay in the jungle. This is a primarily support-oriented role.

Your responsibility as a jungler could be:

  • “Gank” and support the enemies of your lane.
  • Deny gold and clear away the jungle camps of your enemies.
  • Set objectives, such as the baron and the dragon.
  • Offer, as well as deny any check on the map.

Picking this role is ideal when:

  • You love getting some extra attention and staying as one of the most important team members.
  • You want to have the ability to break or make a game.
  • You have excellent time management skills and can handle objective timers, camp respawns and spells timers.
  • You get some real fun by playing assassins to tanks and bruisers.
  • You were great at reading maps and had a good hold on tracking what was going on around you. 


Typically, these lane champions are typically assassins and mages.

Your responsibilities as mid would be:

  • Bring in a lot of damage on your enemies.
  • As a mage, you have to be skilled in shooting.
  • Helping out the junglers of either your team or the enemy team.
  • Keep pressure on your map.

This role suits you when:

  • You want to have the ability to kill enemies single-handedly, either in burst style or in assassination style.
  • You have full confidence in reading maps.
  • You feel that you are an expert in managing enemy assaults. 

This is not all

There are two more rolls, namely ADC and Bot that are equally popular in the arena of League of Legends. Both these roles give some responsibilities to the concerned player. And they are suitable for gamers having certain styles of play. Should you have any trouble in finding a roll substitute (롤 대리) for the maximum win, then availing expert coaching from real players could be the way to go.

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